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Your child enters college and you are afraid that he will find difficulties to understand the sciences of life and nature? Your child is already in college and his science grades are always low because he can’t understand? Despite the efforts of teachers and private lessons, your child does not progress in this essential subject? No panic! Israa Media has created for you an innovative concept that will make the task easier for your little genius. It’s Learn 4D. This application is a real revolution in the world of teaching.

How does Learn4D work?

Our app transforms all natural science patterns of the middle cycle into a 3D form that can be manipulated virtually using a tablet or smartphone. This is one of the first experiments in the world where augmented reality is applied to school books. The way it works is simple. Just download the application by following this link. Activate the user license by integrating your code and you’re done.  Open your child’s life and nature science book, go to the first diagram you encounter, choose the same diagram from your app menu and let the magic work.

3D and 4D Learning 100%
An affordable price 100%
Augmented reality 60%

Learn4D in Video

How much does the license cost?

It’s at the price of a tacos. This is not a joke. The price of the licence is very symbolic. In its goal of citizenship and sharing, Israa Media has chosen to transfer the license of Learn4D to only 1000 dinars. There is no zero missing. It’s only 1000 dinars. The licence term is one year. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits

Download Sciences Version

To download the Pro version of the application and be able to take advantage of all the features of the application, please click on the link below.

Download Physics Sciences Version (gift with Sciences Pro Version)

To download the free version of the application and be able to use our demo version, please click on the link below.
Video of uses

How to use it


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Laib Nasreddine est un ingénieur d’Etat en génie civil diplômé de l’USTHB. Après avoir exercé une année dans le secteur public, il a préféré s’orienter vers l’entrepreneuriat. Créateur de plusieurs entreprises dans l’engineering, la logistique et la technologie des attractions, il a créé en 2016 la start-up Israa média spécialisée dans les techniques de la 3D. Dans cet entretien, il nous parle de son application Learn 4D qui intègre la réalité augmentée dans l’enseignement. Lire la suite
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