Startup israa media

Who We Are

ISRAA MEDIA is an active startup in the field of new technologies, graphic arts and communication. His specialty is virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Its strength is the competence of its young and professional team ready to create innovative solutions to improve the daily living environment.

Israa Media draws its essence from the name «Israa» which means the night journey to another dimension. This is precisely the goal of Israa Media, which provides its customers with high-tech solutions inspired by the latest technological trends in the world.

Since its creation in 2016 and the award of its label as a technological startup in 2021, Israa Media’s portfolio of projects has been rich in innovations. Animated videos in 3D, 3D reconstitutions of archaeological sites and also a 3D reproduction of the scientific schematics of all the books of science of nature and life of middle school.


In its approach, Israa Media wants to be a citizen startup where sharing and altruism are the essence of its motto. It puts its know-how to the benefit of companies, startups, state institutions and all citizens.